Posted by: Joshua Gross | January 28, 2009

In Praise of Senator Jim DeMint

Senator Jim DeMintThere has been a lot going on in the past couple of months, and it seems to me that with all of the good things we’re trying to do and all of the bad things the liberals are trying to do, there’s one great guy with us in the trenches these last two months – Senator Jim DeMint.

Stopping Hillary Clinton from turning the State Department into her own private social engineering lab?  Didn’t work, but Senator DeMint voted against her confirmation – one of only two Senators to stand up and do the right thing.

Stopping a tax cheat from becoming Secretary of the Treasury (and thus, nominal head of the IRS)?  Didn’t work, but Senator DeMint voted against the confirmation of Timothy Geithner, even as ten of his Republican colleagues buckled.

Stopping the ill-advised TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) that the Bush Administration was shoving down Congress’ throat?  Didn’t work, but Senator DeMint was the only one to consistently stand up against the bailout.

Fighting against the Obama administrations policy to allow federal tax dollars to go for overseas abortions?  Didn’t work, but Senator DeMint was the elected South Carolinian who brought the amendment to the Senate floor to strip the funding. <em>(seriously, how does a country like ours, with a trillion dollar deficit, whose economy is in the toilet, even begin to consider paying for other countries to kill babies?  I just don’t understand this concept – at all.  But I digress.)</em>

Now Senator DeMint is fighting against the $1T debt-funded Obama/Pelosi/Reid “stimulus” package (and twittering about it along the way.)  I don’t expect we’ll win this one either, in the short run, but with Senator DeMint taking the right stands, we can hope it at least gets somewhat stripped down. 

Keep up the good work, Senator.  We may be losing these fights right now, but we absolutely appreciate having you in the trenches fighting for us.  History will show that you continued to do the right things, even as all those around you lost their minds for socialist Big Government programs and bailouts.



  1. I came here in 1961 with my military husband. He was in service for over twenty years. I was born in England and know about socialized medical etc. My family over there have privete insurance, so if they need any kind of surgery ,or care they will not have to wait a year or more. Socialization dose not work!!. I Have a Masters + in Education and have now retired from teaching. The schools do not need more money. They need to go back to the basics of good teahing and parents to start thier childrens education as soon as they are born. My mother taught all six of us our , ABC,s and nursary songs etc. I do not like this welfare because it makes people to dependent on goverment handouts. Where’s the pride in that? my husband is the oldest of nine children. He said his parents worked. there was no such thing as welfare. Everyone had to work and families helped each other.
    This bail out bill is not needed. My husband and I do not want our grandchild or great grand children to pay for it. Thanks for all your work J.

  2. Thank the God of Heaven we have a United States
    Senator that has morals, common sense, wisdom and judgement to know what the place of government should be in the 21st century. If we had 50 more of him we would have a government of the people, by the people and for the people because then we could get done what needs to be done in the Senate without infringing upon the rights of us, the citizenry of the USA.

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