Posted by: Joshua Gross | February 5, 2009

Obama’s New Left-Wing Deputy Attorney General


David Odgen

David Odgen

Obama has named David Odgen to be Eric Holder’s Deputy.  Apparently the stridently left-wing Holder needed an even farther left-wing attorney to back him up.


So who, you ask, is David Ogden?

John Hawkins and the Family Research Council have the backgrounders, but here are the high lowlights:

  • Ogden was quoted as saying women who have abortions are “more likely to experience feelings of relief and happiness” than women who have or adopt children.
  • Ogden also referred to the right of abortion as “fundamental”, while filing an amicus brief against parental notification of abortions for children younger than 14.
  • Ogden served as counsel for the stunningly mistitled “People for the American Way”, who sued for the right to have federal funds to perform abortions.
  • Ogden wrote an amicus brief on behalf of physician assisted suicide.
  • Ogden wrote an amicus brief against the Children’s Internet Protection Act – forcing libraries to allow access to pornography on computers used by children.
  • Ogden sued to overturn the law that forced pornographers to verify that their “actors” were of legal age.
  • Ogden sued the federal government on behalf of Playboy in an attempt to force the federal government to fund braille translations of Playboy. 
  • Ogden wrote an amicus brief in the disastrous Lawrence v. Texas case that overturned Texas sodomy laws, and another in a case suing to allow gays to openly serve in the military.

So… Obama’s next “Hope and Change” moment is to put a guy who represents child pornographers, Hef, Larry Flynt, and the abortion industry as second in command of the Department whose job it is to stop child pornographers?


Unbelievable.  And completely unacceptable.


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