Posted by: Dave Wilson | February 10, 2009

’24’ Heads to the Floor

State House budget writers are putting a hold on the budget debate awaiting the outcome of the federal stimulus package vote.

24That puts ’24’ up for debate on the House floor… likely tomorrow.

Abortion proponents are pressing legislators hard to amend the waiting-period bill, giving abortionists an “out” to the entire concept of a “period of reflection” before a woman can have an abortion.

Amendments are one of the greatest concerns of bill sponsor Greg Delleney. He said today that changes to the bill could basically nullify any strides made to extend the waiting period for an abortion from 1 hour to 24.


When it comes to hearing from constituents, legislators are telling us that conservative voices are outnumbered 3-to-1 on this bill. 

Contact your House member today and tell them to pass Rep. Greg Delleney’s bill (H. 3245) unamended.

If you aren’t sure who your legislator is… sign up on Palmetto Family’s online petition for up-t0-date legislator information.



  1. Wait is always the BEST. Abortions should not even be a government issue. IF the government removed themselves from this now epidemic, these girls might use a little more restraint. As for having an abbortion. Yes, it’s a wait and educational time for these that want one.

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