Posted by: Dave Wilson | January 28, 2009


Despite the fact that my friends have said this could very well be the best season of ’24’, there is a life-or-death battle in South Carolina that has absolutely nothing to do with Jack Bauer.

As quickly as one episode of the hit TV show unfolds is the amount of time a woman in South Carolina has to wait before one of the most life-changing events in her life takes place.

Of the 20+ states with abortion waiting periods, South Carolina is the only state with a 1 hour period of “reflection”. Every other state, with the exception of Indiana, has a 24-hour waiting period. (Indiana’s is 18.)

So in South Carolina, in time it takes to get your oil changed, have your photos developed, or get new glasses as LensCrafters, you can wait for an abortion. It takes longer to get a marriage license or adopt a greyhound dog in this state than it does to end the life of an unborn child.

Rep. Greg Delleney has introduced House Bill 3245 that extends the abortion waiting period to 24 hours. In fact, his subcommittee takes up the bill today at the State House.

Show your support for this legislation by signing this online petition from our friends at Palmetto Family as they build support for this bill.

And let us know what you think…


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  3. I have served on Carolina Pregrancy Board for 12 years and we have seen over and over after an abortion minded girl has time to think about what she is about to do, she usually changes her mind. I strongly urge the abortion waiting period be extended to 24 hours. Why should we be so quick to take a life?

  4. You go to jail for animal crulety, but not for ending a human life!!! What has this country turned into???

  5. […] puts ‘24′ up for debate on the House floor… likely […]

  6. We are told to “go home and sleep on it” in regard
    to any big decision we have to make or buying something of significance (ie spend a lot of money), but when it comes to a “big” decision such as terminating a pregnancy, we should allow an hour? What does that say about the opposition that doesn’t see the need to “sleep on it”? What is their ulterior motive of not allowing someone to give it 23 more hours? What are they trying to “sell” us that won’t be available the next day? I think theses are pertinent questions that should and need to be asked because if they were honest with themselves and us, I’m sure they have “slept” on numerous big decisions in their lives and “changed their minds” which is exactly what they don’t want these woman to do.

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