Posted by: Dave Wilson | November 21, 2008

Behind the scenes: Gov vs. ESC

The mainstream media have brushed off this story, but it’s one worth telling, especially when the federal government is being asked to bail out auto companies and states.

Gov. Sanford requested a $15 million loan from the federal government because the South Carolina Employment Security Commission ran out of money. But he did it with a gun pointed at his head. The good bureaucrats at ESC didn’t bother to tell the governor about the problem until five days before the deadline for the request, even though they acknowledged discussing the problem with legislators for weeks. That’s playing Russian roulette with the unemployed and it stinks.

Anyway, the governor wrote a blunt letter to the head ESC bureaucrat telling him how much he thinks the agency stinks, and the head bureaucrat responded in kind. Here are the letters so you can judge for yourself who’s right. Just remember: South Carolina’s jobless rate is higher than at any time in 25 years, and the ESC is responsible for making sure all those people get their unemployment checks. Read the letters and tell me if you have confidence in this agency.


  1. When you get a state government where the gov’s a bystander in the operations of most state agencies, you get whatcha pay for. Quit bitchin’ and start arguing for a constitutional convention to bring SC at least into the 20th century.

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