Posted by: Bob McAlister | November 5, 2008

Some perspective

s678336943_4212The Republican Party not only survived in South Carolina last night, it thrived even as the GOP nationally reached room temperature. All 4 GOP congressmen were reelected, including Henry Brown, who was declared dead by much of the media because of a self-financed lesboterian opponent. Lindsey Graham scored a big victory as well.

The party kept a stranglehold on the state legislature, and McCain enjoyed a victory nearly equal to Bush’s 4 years ago.

So the S. C. GOP ain’t broke and don’t need fixin’. Credit the good sense of South Carolina voters and a strong slate of candidates. But also credit Katon Dawson, the state chairman. He not only runs the machine that continues to win, but he manages to navigate the treacherous breach between the governor and Republican legislators.

Last night proved that South Carolina has the toughest, most organized state party structure in the nation. It puts Dawson in a good position to get the national chairmanship.



  1. What do you mean by lesboterian?

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  3. “the S. C. GOP ain’t broke and don’t need fixin’”

    I wonder if the Governor would agree.

  4. Christian: Probably not.

  5. So what do you think of Senator Graham’s statement on Obama’s pick for Chief of Staff? The theme music from Halloween is ringing in my ears!

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