Posted by: Joshua Gross | October 24, 2008

(UPDATED: HOAX) The New Face of the Coming Obama Thugocracy


KDKA is reporting that Ms. Todd made the whole thing up.  One does wonder what would drive her to do it – since hoaxes rarely work (with the notable exception of global warming…)


The other examples I cite below remain intact, however…



GOP Volunteer Ashley Todd

GOP Volunteer Ashley Todd

Study this face.

Look at it closely.

This could be you.

This is the face of Ashley Todd, a McCain/Palin volunteer (not even a paid staffer) who was viciously attacked and mugged in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night.

Pittsburgh police say the 6-foot-4-inch thug punched, kicked and then literally lashed out at the woman after glancing at her McCain for president bumper sticker.

A photo of Todd shows a crimson scar of the letter “B” etched backwards on her right cheek. She also has a black eye and her face is puffy.

Let me see if I can get this straight.

Joe the Plumber asks a question in his own driveway and gets attacked by the New York Times.

Ashley Todd gets attacked for having a McCain sticker on her car.

York County’s McCain campaign HQ attacked.

Central Florida man gets his house shot up after putting up McCain yard signs.

The McCain/Palin “Straight Talk Express” Bus shot up in New Mexico.

Clearwater, Florida man’s Lexus vandalized over McCain/Palin sticker.

…and we’re supposed to ignore this candidate’s ties to an unrepentant domestic terrorist?


  1. Just another day of campaigning against the Left….should anyone be surprised?


    These kind of poor tactics may have tricked people in 2004 but it is just not happening this year.

    Things have gotten so bad with the economy that people are actually informed voters this year.

    Take your racist blog post and shove it.

  3. From the perspective of a Pittsburgh local, this looks like more race-baiting from the GOP:

    Read About It.

  4. This case is shaping up to be a hoax. The backwards “B” on her face should be a tip-off.

    Of course, we can expect some abject apologies from you guys as the truth about it comes out…right?

  5. Let me see, that she’s a McCain Palin volunteer is also a hoax?

  6. The Conservatives were all set to make Ashley Todd the next big “Ashley the Victim”. She was going to be enshrined right alongside “Joe the Plumber”. They would take her on the campaign stump where she could tell the sympatric throngs how she was assaulted and robbed by a black Obama supporter…and that a vote for Obama was a “vote for my attacker”
    As soon as they heard about the incident , McCain and Palin rushed to make personal calls consoling the “victim” and promising her full support.
    Right wing bloggers were sharpening their sticks ,getting set to poke Democrats in the eye.
    The McCain campaign was drooling. They were going to have a field day. The argument would go something like this: Obama’s campaign has encouraged their supporters to “get in the faces” of anyone supporting McCain. This led to black criminal elements in the Obama campaign going taking things too far. Obama needs to rein in his people before someone gets killed. He’s running a Mafia like campaign to intimidate white voters.
    Bloggers were complaining online that the Sarah Todd assault story wasn’t getting enough play in the liberal media.
    Then, 48 hours after the “assault” whole incident came crashing down in a heap
    “Ashley the Victim” became “Ashley the Liar” when she admitted to police that she had made the entire story: No black man, No knife , No knocking her in the back of the head., No “feeling up her shirt”, No “B” for Barrack carved into her face, No $60 dollars , No McCain bumper sticker…”Nothing, Nada, Zippo” (as McCain likes to say)
    Now all the McCain camp has left is a stinking pile of embarrassing manure
    But because they made such a big stink about the incident in the first place, the story has become front page news. Everyone is talking about Ashley Todd.
    So here’s my question: “Is there so much hatred and loathing of Obama among McCain supporters that they have to resort to concocting “Willy Horton” type stories complete with fake assaults, robbery and facial disfiguring to frighten white voters to cast their vote against a black man.
    The woman could very easily have said she was attacked and robbed by an Obama supporter. Why throw a 6’ 4” 200 lb knife wielding black man into the mix. Does it add to the drama. Does it play to every white woman’s fears of dark alleys with strange black men?
    We are all relieved that this incident never happened. It would have been one more divisive wedge in a country where race and bigotry are still alive. Fortunately for us all, at least one McCain’s campaign worker can’t carve the letter “B” correctly.

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