Posted by: Dave Wilson | October 22, 2008

The Truth about Linda Ketner

Linda Ketner raised the ante last quarter in her race against US District Rep. Henry Brown. Through September, Ketner has pulled in more cash than Brown ($850,000 vs. $760,000) and donated another $700,000 of her own money to her campaign.

Reports also say Brown has nearly $1 million more than Ketner on hand for the last two weeks of the race.

Reality is this race doesn’t necessarily boil down to money, though. It lands squarely on a major difference in their ideologies.

Just last week CitizenLink published a video story on Ketner’s ultra-liberal personal and professional ties, and brought to light just how important every vote is this November.

Take a look at it, and share your thoughts.

For more on the Brown-Ketner race for US House District 1, check out:

For Hot State Legislative Races, check out



  1. Some people can’t be convinced that their views of the world don’t apply to everyone–especially ardent pro-life types who produced the video on CitizenLink. Linda Ketner is a humane, pro-family person. No one wants anyone to have an unwanted unplanned pregnancy-but if one does, it is as she has said, up to that person, their family, their physician and their faith to determine how they wish to proceed…not the government. It is a personal decision. Not a governmental one. To single the race to that one issue when we have an entire economic system in collapse is waving a red flag at a bull. We need creative thinking representation in Washington, DC, not the good old boys who just are there to send money back to the locals and appear grandfatherly but regressive.

  2. I’m a conservative person and I can’t ignore Brown’s ultra-liberal vote for the socialization of our economic system. I’m going to vote fore Ketner if nothing more than a protest vote against a disastrous policy that puts more power into the hands of a few people in government.

  3. Having googled Ms. Ketner, what stands out to me is that there are a few issues that appear to be a gambit that Mr. Brown has declined to play into, intsead following Mark Sanford’s ’92 strategy in part, though I recieved another Oh Henry bar in the mail from the campaign.

    One suspects that Henry’s keeping some powder dry until the last days of the campaign.

    Richard, I’ll grant that Mr. Brown did cross a logical idealogical line to vote for a measure that Bush ’43 called for. Socialist perhaps, but in an attempt to stem the erosion of confidence in the US economy, thanks to the vapid policies that have roots in the incompetent Carter’s administration and further reinforced under Clinton (which Ms. Ketner tiptoes around admitting in an attempt to lay it instead at Mr. Brown’s feet); I have to agree with Representative Brown that the first version was better than what was likely to come next.

    I also note, that despite the platitiudes of a Ketner supporter, selfish hedonists aren’t prone to allow that abstinence is an option or should be a choice that is as edified as thier own choices of lifestyle(s) ought to be within notions of “tolerance”.

  4. Ketner appears to be a Lesbian Nancey Pelosi in training. I am glad I checked her background before 11/4, I donot want to send anyone to Washington that will just be another cog in the LeftFest Congress.

  5. Brown is a liar and has a history of demonstrated contempt for documents that certify authority. He has no high school diploma, no college degree, no marine service record and an empty book of matches where a national forest used to be. I think THAT says he is unworthy of public trust. One should also consider how he was able to obtain the house votes he has helped support without indulging some sticky money in a back room. Get rid of him and his menagerie of boo-daddies and straw boss relics. Its time for a new rainbow to rise over a contemporary South Carolina hosted by color preferred over black and white divisionism and obsolete special interest.

    Ketner likes cats? Well, so do I. Meowwwwwwwwww!

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