Posted by: Dave Wilson | October 16, 2008

Stop the bus… I need some size 2’s

Sarah Palin, with son Trig (and the Secret Service), at Walmart

Sarah Palin, with son Trig (and the Secret Service), at Walmart

Every parent knows the feeling.

The baby is a little fussy, you check and there’s the culprit. You reach into the diaper bag, only to realize that you unknowing used the last one the other day at the park… with the last “fussy” escapade.

Seems it’s no different on the Straight Talk Express either. Last Sunday in Ohio, Sarah Palin did what any parent would do in the situation… she stopped by the store and picked up a pack of good ole Parents’ Choice size 2 diapers.

Now, this says two major things about Palin and the way she operates as a politician.

First, unlike any other person in this race, she realizes that politics is not life. It is part of her passion and the line of work she’s chosen… that and, of course, being a mom… but she realizes that life must go on. And sometimes that includes changing the dirty diaper!

Second, and equally important from a fiscal conservative standpoint, is the fact that she bought Parents’ Choice diapers. For some of you that doesn’t mean a thing… so here’s why that little fact is so important. As a dad with children, I know there are plenty of brands of diapers on the market today, but money-conscious Sarah Palin, despite her status and financial capability, is still out there saving a  dollar or two… buying the Walmart brand.

Too bad so few are picking up on the fact that she’s definitely living what she’s preaching. Here you have the number two person on the GOP ticket not pawning the responsibility of her family’s needs off on someone else… and she’s saving a few bucks at the same time.

That, my friends, is some Straight Talk.


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