Posted by: Bob McAlister | October 13, 2008

The important stuff

Screw politics. Now on to the critical issue.

Tommy Bowden was fired today. Here’s the Greenville News story announcing Bowden’s dismissal but also Cullen Harper’s no. 1 rating on the jerk-o-meter. No coach in his right mind would trust that guy with the football or the truth.

Anyway, don’t I recall that Clemson has to pay Bowden $4 million since he was fired? Two questions:

1. Who’s stupid now? The university that has to pay Bowden or Bowden? I’d say the former.

2. Spurrier has only beaten Bowden one time. Who’s the better coach?



  1. BFD. It’s a game. I’m a Clemson grad (1980, 1982) and am bored by the constant overemphasis of sports in the Clemson family. Here we are, one of the poorest, least educated states in the Union, and we wonder why.
    Putting entertainment above learning is one reason.

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