Posted by: Bob McAlister | October 12, 2008

Where has this letter been?

John McCain was prophetic. He anticipated the failure of Freddie and Fannie. He offered a solution. The Democrats, Obama included, ignored him. Here’s the letter to prove it.

I just don’t understand why the McCain campaign has been so slow to let the nation know. He should have gone on the attack the day the market melted down. The campaign should have cut a spot since the media are covering it up. I don’t know why they didn’t do it.



  1. Sir,

    I tried to read the letter and it would not allow me to zoom it where it was legible. Could you tell me where you found it?

    I want to make sure I am an informed voter.

    Thank you.

  2. […] veteran S.C. political consultant Bob McAlister points out this morning, McCain hasn’t defended himself with the facts … or with much of anything, to be […]

  3. Polunch: Sorry for the technical flub. I posted the letter so you don’t have to rely upon a link.

  4. Thank you. I sent it to Sean Hannity. Maybe he will get the word out.

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