Posted by: Joshua Gross | October 11, 2008

Vandals Attack York Co. Republican HQ

Vandals deface Republican HQ door

Vandals deface Republican HQ door

The Republican “Victory 08” office in York County was robbed and vandalized overnight.

According to a local York County Republican volunteer, who provided us with these pictures, the vandals painted “Republican means Slavery” on the front door, as well as what appear to be gang-related or tagger signs.

The vandals also defaced large banners outside the office, painting white paint over Senator John McCain’s name and eyes.

According to the volunteer, more than forty signs were also stolen from the property.

I spoke this afternoon with York County Republican Chairman (and current Republican National Committeeman) Glenn McCall, who reminds those involved that Republicans were the ones who abolished slavery.

McCall also spoke with the Rock Hill Herald:

“It just goes to show the election is much closer than folks would have you believe,” McCall said. “We have probably the most liberal ticket on the Democratic side that we’ve ever seen. When I look at the polls, it’s within the margin of error. There are people who are just getting nervous about that. As a result, they do desperate things.”

No word from local law enforcement yet as to suspects or arrests.

Stay classy, Democrats.


Vandals deface McCain banner

Vandals deface McCain banner


  1. It was probably fear-mongering local white men. Dems or Repubs = irrelevant.

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