Posted by: Bob McAlister | October 8, 2008

Dumbest people in America

See the people in the audience during last night’s debate? Meet the dumbest people in America. According to Tom Brokaw, who moderated the debate, these people were picked to attend because they’re undecided.

How can they be undecided after a two-year campaign that birthed 2 men who cannot be more different in every way? These voters look ordinary, but that’s one of the ways stupid people get by in life. They learn how to blend into their surroundings, sorta like lizards. The polls say about eight percent of likely voters are still undecided, meaning there are millions of stupid people like these in America. And they’ll decide who the next president will be.

Maybe it’s time to hire to voodoo priestess to do a hex job.



  1. Did you also notice that Michele Obama was seated in the audience? Wonder why she’s undecided?!?!? Could it be that she knows that her husband may not be the right candidate for the job? She was not shown on camera until the end of the debate. Guess they didn’t want America to sit there the entire time wondering about that.

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