Posted by: Bob McAlister | October 3, 2008

Joe Biden’s Tears

Two images dominated last night’s debate: Sarah Palin’s smile and the remnants of Joe Biden’s plug hair transplants. That smile may have been masking outright laughter at the thought of standing next to a grumpy old socialist trying to turn back the clock with transplant plugs.

But there’s a third image that few are talking about: Biden’s tears. They appeared to be real as he talked about his tragic family situation (which, by the way, has nothing to do with his qualifications). No one in the media is suggesting that maybe the only unstaged moment in Biden’s debate in any way raises questions about his fitness to be vice president. And they should not so suggest.

But what if Palin had cried? That would have dominated post-debate debate. It would have been in the first couple of graphs in every paper across the country. Democrat operatives, i.e. the media, would have drowned Palin in her own tears, the new exhibit A why she could not handle the no. 2 job.

They gave Biden a pass for crying. They would’ve crucified Palin.


  1. What a ridiculous comment. Absolute nonsense….a pass for crying? the media has been giving Palin a pass for stupid and McCain a pass for lying and Bush a pass for war crime…

    If you “care” about this country maybe it’s time you rethink where all the hurt and damage is coming from….and why we’ve been crying for 8 years.

  2. The problem with Obama is that he has no qualifications and trying to steal the election with lies and voter fraud. Look people he is not a man that can stand on hos own. Where did he get all this money to go to all these big colleges and buy that fancy house. A senator from Alasa is getting crusified for taking so called kickbacks, what in God’s name had Obama done. A whole lot more. So get a life and vote for Obama’s change and become a white slave!

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