Posted by: Bob McAlister | October 3, 2008

Good for Gresham

Rep. Gresham Barrett says he will vote for the Senate version of the rescue plan/bailout package/necessary action/commie plot or whatever you want to call it.  He says it’s better than the House version that he voted against.

That, and I’m guessing, an earful from scared constituents changed his mind. Whatever the case, he is doing the right thing.


  1. Hey McAlister…since when did it become necessary for these gutless PC wonders to…”legislate” to…get us out of a “crisis” that was created when they…legislated???
    What part of the Fannie/Freddie rules juggling to (by extension of this bailout approval) to…steal the honestly-earned income of three generations of taxpayers do you not understand!
    And, hey Joe Wilson, et al…the same PC/John McCain “cross-the-aisle” to further my political future mentality that got you where you are can also…SEND YOUR LUKEWARM BEHIND BACK HOME!
    And if President Bush and all of you clowns think we believe this is a “rescue” and not a…”SELLOUT”…let him keep believing that…the only folks you’re fooling are…YOURSELVES!
    And why are there no calls to investigate, expose and indict ALL OF the propped up felons who have raided the national treasury…let me tell you, folks…it’s because just about every one of them is…ON THE TAKE.
    And never was this made clearer than in this…sellout vote this past week.
    No, Joe. And…no Bob. This is not Guyana…you CANNOT DRINK THE KOOL-AID!
    The ghost of our last truly great President is whistling across the vast expanse of America from that beautiful Pacific overlook saying…”Well…there you go again…looking to socialize the government and betray the very people who put you into office to…protect a great and noble land.
    “Well…as for me an my house…we SHALL serve…the people! And those who look at this created crisis and only see yet another PC opportunity to, again, take from this and future generations their very livlyhood

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