Posted by: Dave Wilson | September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin is Pontius Pilate?

Where will the rhetoric end? It’s absolutely unbelievable how juvenile this presidential race is becoming.

Rep. Steve CohenTake this one from yesterday’s one-minute Congressional speech by Tennessee Democratic Representative Steve Cohen.

If you want change, you want the Democratic Party. Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus, who our minister prayed about. Pontius Pilate was a governor.

Click here to watch the video of Cohen’s comments.

Pull the horses back in the stable for a minute here, Mr. Cohen. To say a statement like this on the campaign trail is one thing, but to do it on the floor of the House of Representatives is another.

Yes, while some Republicans and conservative commentators have said that Obama envisions himself as rather messianic in this campaign, to turn around and then compare, not his presidential opponent, but his VICE-presidential opponent to a spineless governor who couldn’t stand up against the “community forces” of the day is taking it too far.

As a Christian, this is insulting to me. God is neither Republican nor Democrat, and Jesus was MUCH more than a “community organizer”. As the true savior of mankind, Jesus did a lot more than rally a few people behind a good cause.

Come on, Mr. Cohen. It’s time to stop playing games.

This race is not about pigs, lipstick, hockey moms or pit bulls. It’s about the future of America.

If you want to disagree on politics, that’s fine. If you want to disagree on policy, that’s fine. But drop the song-and-dance, and get to the business the people of your state elected you to do… and I don’t think that was to be an insulting, over-exagerating mouthpiece trying to score a few points during a political campaign.



  1. Most of McCain’s campaign is like that. All hot button phrases that don’t mean a thing. He does not talk about what they will do. Liberals are not sick but bending over laughling at Palin as President. Most people are getting scared about the posibility of her becoming president. This will have time to play out before the election. Palin as ‘Pontius Pilate’……..
    How about ‘Unconscious Pilot’? Now, that would be more accurate.

  2. Neither OBama or McCain is my choice for President and as such, will not get my vote. But as to the derogatory remark to compare Obama to Jesus Christ shows the ignorance of what Jesus really stood for and you’re right he was neither Democrat nor Republican but one day the ‘Bible says that he will sit on the throne of His ancestor David and rule with a rod of iron.
    And this will be fine. Someone has to straighten out this mess the Democrats and Republicans have gotten us into and He’s the one that will do it

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