Posted by: Joshua Gross | September 11, 2008

on Patriotism, and Blogging 9/11

OK, I’m opening a can of worms here, but I think it has to be said…

Patriots, blogging on 9/11/01 today:

Adam Fogle, whose Palmetto Scoop included the patriot poetry of a dying Jack Buck;

Earl Capps, who posts Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address;

Dan Cassidy, whose Sunlit Uplands posted numerous items, including this patriotic YouTube;

Brian McCarty, whose VUI posted a composite picture of the victims;

Mike’s America, who posts pictures and video from the day;

Jeff Duncan, whose Walk-On Legislator posts thoughts from an airport this morning;

Rod Shealy, Sr, recovering from brain tumor surgery, takes a moment to remember 9/11;

Michelle Malkin remembers, while Hugh Hewitt Prays;

The Jawas remember, and do not forgive;

Don McLaughlin remembers where he was at on 9-11 on Redstate;


And then we have our friends on the left…

The ever aptly titled notverybright chose to attack The State’s Brad Warthen for his support of the Iraq War today, before a post questioning Sarah Palin’s qualifications;

Tammy at Seeding Spartanburg chose to mock Sarah Palin’s last name today;

Tim Kelly at Crack the Bell chose to continue his attacks on Sarah Palin today (one day after changing “Shrill b*tch” to “lying sack of s**t”)

Waldo Lydecker chose to attack Sarah Palin’s Christian Faith today.


It’s not that I’m questioning the patriotism of you liberal bloggers; it’s that you don’t apparently have any patriotism for me to question. You’re too busy attacking the Republican Vice Presidential nominee…


An important exception: Roxanne Walker did something different – she chose to pay tribute to Iraqi veterans who suffer from depression and mental illness as a result of the war. While I don’t agree with her conclusions (or even her premise), I still appreciate that she took the time to pay tribute to one American soldier today.


For some actually historic perspective on 9/11, check out the History Channel’s 102 Minutes that changed America. I highly recommend the site – especially for those of you mentioned above who have apparently forgotten that day, what happened, how we changed, and why.


  1. […] the bait he put out there, the bait I’m now taking: The ever aptly titled notverybright chose to […]

  2. Hey, please go easy on Crack The Bell. I would hate for him to shut his blog down–unknowingly, he gives lots of people lots of daily laughs.

    For one thing, you’ve got to admire Google Ads for its stunning ability to match its ads to individual blog authors. How does Google do it?

    Here are two current Google Ads featured on Crack The Bell: “Crack Addiction Rehab” and “Cut Down 9 Pounds Of Stomach Fat Every 11 Days”, two ads I would never expect to find anywhere else but on Crack The Bell.

    The nation needs this idiot for the comedy he provides. Please don’t scare him off!

  3. See, I have this rather quaint idea that there’s more to patriotism than providing another maudlin tribute to 9/11. You’ll also notice that I rarely write any stirring pieces on Pearl Harbor Day, Memorial Day, Confederate Memorial Day, President’s Day, MLK Day, Groundhog Day or Secretary’s Day. I can’t recall ever sharing a public tribute to my Mama on Mother’s Day either because I don’t have to make a show of my love her – just like I don’t need to wave the flag for you rightwing assholes to prove I love my country.

    Oh, and Gross Man, you missed a couple of posts. I later changed it to “lying bitch” before deciding that what Sarah’s really done is make John McCain her bitch. Apparently, she’s done the same to you.

    Happy 9/11, boys! Politicize it all you want.

  4. Josh, I’d love to hear who crowned you King Patriotism and what your qualifications are.

  5. Oh, wow. It’s nice to be called a traitor to my country. Keep up the good work!

  6. […] again, it could just be an allergic reaction to Josh Gross’ patently jingoistic characterization that everyone who doesn’t agree with him isn’t […]

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