Posted by: Joshua Gross | September 9, 2008

Liberal Haters – why they’re screaming scared of Sarah Palin

I’ve long noted that the “Hate is not a Family Value” bumpersticker crowd loves to hate the conservatives they accuse of being hateful. This is wedded to the liberal interest group notion that people in certain groups should “belong” to the Democrats, and if they don’t the need to be punished for getting out of line. The two groups that drive liberal Democrats craziest are conservative women and conservative minorities.

For past national examples of this, I would point to the vicious left-wing attacks on Michael Steele (the infamous blackface Photoshop), Clarence Thomas, and Michele Malkin. For past SC examples look no further than Karen Floyd’s face with the words “Cocaine Fueled” superimposed, or Ross Shealy’s now infamous attack in The State on Karen Iacovelli’s Lyme Disease (the one I responded to by referring to him as “morally reprehensible and well beyond the bounds of acceptable civil discourse” – the tagline he still proudly displays on his other blog).

Well, they’re at it again over Alaska Governor (and McCain running mate) Sarah Palin. Bob McAlister has already given you his take on the media’s spurious attacks, but I thought I’d hit it from another angle – the liberal hate-osphere.

After Republicans noted the lack of experience at the head of the Democrat ticket, Donna Brazile on CNN’s Strategy Room compared Obama to Christ and Palin to Pilate: “Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

Juan Cole in Salon today compared Governor Palin to “a Muslim Fundamentalist with lipstick.”

SC’s own Waldo Lydecker calls Palin “James Dobson’s Moose Muppet” and a “trailer-trash Christianista”.

Elonkey rolls out the snark to call her “one of those perky little ex-beauty queens who will repeatedly stab you with her rhetoric while wearing a 1,000-watt smile on her face”. In the same snarky vein, Deacon Tim refers to her “truthiness.”

Tim at Crack the Bell just comes out and calls her a “Shrill Bitch.”

Hey liberals: y’all stay classy, now…


Pat Buchanon points out this morning:

Palin’s daughter was fair game for a media that refused to look into reports that John Edwards, a Democratic candidate for president, was conducting an illicit affair with a woman said to be carrying his child and cheating on his faithful wife Elizabeth, who has incurable cancer. That was not a legitimate story, but Bristol Palin’s pregnancy is?

Mona Charen adds:

Sarah Palin is no ordinary pro-lifer. She is an attractive, intelligent, ambitious, successful woman who has actually lived her convictions… And there stands Sarah, Trig Palin in her arms, a beautiful ambassador for the path of humility, duty, honor, and grace. It’s no wonder she was in their crosshairs from the get go.



  1. Great article on the liberal attacks on Palin. Two ladies were on the Fox and Friends this am and they have started a “buying policy” against Opra. Anything Opra has including her magazines, books, major sponsors, etc. are on unsubscribe and do not buy list for her duplicity of being for women but supporting Obama at the expense of being against other women…Hilary, Sara, ? Enjoyed seeing you at the Convention, Doug

  2. First…. ‘liberal haters’ means what? republicans?
    Democrats are still laughling but they are so surprised they don’t know where to start. Her flash in the pan shouldn’t last very long. I thought McCain was running for President? People are still scratching their heads about Palin but in the end….. you can’t put lipstick on a PIG!

  3. Yeah, same question as Roger Finch.
    Is that “Liberals who hate” or “People who hate Liberals”??

    Anyway . . .
    Good post.

    I like Sarah Palin.
    I liked Mother Teresa, too, but that doesn’t mean she should be Vice President
    Palin is already under investigation for abuse of power.
    That’s even BEFORE she takes office!
    Gotta hand it to the GOP for pure audacity!

    These are the folks who rape the environment and call it the Healthy Forests Initiative.
    They rain death from the sky and call it a Patriot Missile
    Now they put up Bush in a bra and call her a maverick.
    Wow, what hutzpah!

  4. I don’t hate the liberals, but I dislike their extreme ideology toward socialism-maxist-communism. I just realized that the far left use Obama as a bait, because every time Obama lose in polls they started to use race card and going after Sarah Palin. They keep harrassing her from day one after she gave a speech at the RNC.

    I am not Rep, but I will vote for McCain/Palin regardless these socialist or communist democrats said or played race card. It won’t impact the american voters anymore about their race card.

    I already knew that Obama has played race card to get the democrat nominee and he & his camp won’t stop using it.

    Should the black use an Affirmative action for the White House? What ashame?

  5. And what do you mean with socialist-marxist-comunist ideology, beatrice?. What you are doing is just expresing your ignorance. Democrats marxists, ja!, what a misconception. Please check out your ideas and read Marx directly, you’ll see a wide difference.

  6. i am scared of sarah palin too. i really am and i am not even american. i have never felt fear of any woman in politics/media, etc. ever, in my life. but, from the minute i looked at her i felt that there was something not right about her. my whole life i have had very, strong instincts about people and their real intentions. the question is not really even about republican or democrat it is about the sanity of this woman. it is also about the fact that since 9/11 the world view of the usa has eroded terribly. right or wrong that is the fact! and now that the financial crisis has hit it is scary to see how quickly the world has chimed in to announce the ‘end of the american superpower.’ but, the good news is there is still a chance to reinstate the ‘usa is a good country’ viewpoint across the world by paying attention to what the world is saying about palin/mccain and obama/biden. the world was weary of bush but they are horrified by palin!!! look the usa is not an island. you must vote not only for your beliefs in this election but you must vote for other reasons this time. if mccain/palin get into office this election the usa will be shunned, maybe even permanently, from the world…and the fear that is prevading the world will be even more pronounced. i am scared of sarah palin because i see what a future with her in office has the potential to bring to the world. she is not playing with the same deck of cards that anyone on this blog is playing, nor even the blog creator.

  7. I love the use of the word ‘liberal’ in America

    You all need to google define:liberal

    the rest of the world are not only scared of sarah palin. we are scared of america and what you have become.

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