Posted by: Dave Wilson | September 4, 2008

Crappy Reporters Stepped in Alaskan Moose Poo Poo

by Bob McAlister

Okay, gang, here’s the skinny.

Alaskan Moose

Alaskan Moose

The MSM (mainstream media) have figured out they stepped in a pile of Alaskan moose poo poo when they treated Sarah Palin so shabbily. Last night she made them eat that Alaskan moose poo poo. So they’ve done a 180 on her, and now she can do no wrong. Their comments today are glowing; the gal who was trailer trash Tuesday can do no wrong today.

The MSM crowd saw a poll released today showing a majority of Americans think their reporting was a deliberate attempt to hurt her, and 24 percent say that made them decide to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.

But they still have the problem of helping “The One” get elected, so what do they do?

Mark my words: Beginning tonight after McCain’s speech, they’ll compare Sarah’s speech to his, and conclude that hers was brilliant while his paled in comparison.  They’ll say his tepid speech cooled down last night’s raucous convention.  In short, they’ll use Sarah against John.

That’s how they’ll get back on the offensive.  You watch.  You can thank me later.

Bob McAlister is President of McAlister Communications and former Chief of Staff of SC Gov. Carroll Campbell.



  1. I think at this point, the more the media trys to hurt McCain the better he looks to the voters.

    Mr. Obama is flat out not qualified and the American voter is increasingly keying in on that fact. The hard left “American can do no right” crowd is like a man standing naked on the street corner, no way to hide the bare truth!

  2. There was some pooh-pooh there last night, but it was mostly coming out of Palin’s mouth.

  3. Bob,

    Right on the MONY!

  4. I agree, in part….BUT…everyone knows that John is not a great orator. My expectations for his speech are that they will be the heart-felt beliefs from a true American hero. The “town hall” feeling of his access to the audience will help. W. was/is not know for his prowess as a speaker….BUT!!! Bring on the Dems.!!!!

  5. The only way the dummy Demos know how to respond to a brilliant speech is to continue to attack Gov. Palin’s family. This just continues to reinforce why we need her as our V.P..

  6. I am totally outraged with the so called support for the worst VP candidate in recent times. she is being looked at for several possible unethical decisions, and she can call it whatever she wants, but she is a horrible example for working mothers. My goodness, wake up people! I will not vote for her for anything!

  7. Speeches are many times good, but action overshadows all of them. I, too, agree with Ms. Palin’s conservative views, but let’s face it folks, Sara is NOT going to be President. If, elected, John McCain will be handed the reins and HIS agenda will take precedence over hers, unless he has an off day.
    Vice Presidents go along with what the President wants or they will wind up visting some little third world country (as Ambassadors of good will) and /or cutting ribbons for new Federal buildings or Naval vessels.
    If McCain and Palin win, with McCain what you see is what you’ll get. With Palin, what you see is not likely what you’ll get.
    If you want real CHANGE, you won’t get it with Obama, but you will get it if you vote for Chuck Baldwin even over the yells and screams and hair pulling by both parties.

  8. Darrell Wallace is right-on. Mrs. Palin will get sucked into the globalist crowd — all that’s happened at the RNC is rhetoric. Obama said it first: this is silly season.

    Chuck Baldwin for President.

  9. No question that the mainstream liberal media has done all it can to try and discredit Governor Palin by attacking her personally and delving into every aspect of her private life. Compare that with how they tried to ignore John Edwards’ escapade–even when the “National Enquirer” handed to them last year, and now recently. The first place I saw the Edwards story was a link off the Drudge Report to the “Enquirer.” The next place I saw it, two days later, was “The Times of London.” After that, the US major media reluctantly picked it up. Of course, Edwards is a Dem.

    But I think there is a dynamic at work here in addition to the national press trying its best to elect O. Governor Palin is undoubtedly an outstanding representative of America’s middle-class people; she got where she is through her own efforts (unlike Hillary, whose every success after law school had as its base the fact that she married Bill Clinton). The Eastern New York Establishment and Beltway insiders hate her for that. Sally Quinn and a like-minded coiterie of insiders despise and look down on anyone who is not of their group–I believe that also accounts for the degree of viciousness displayed toward Governor Palin.

  10. Ann,

    Dream on… The only folks looking for poo poo are the Obama folks, if only they could see as the MSM has, they are knee deep in it already!

  11. Dear Anne,
    On another post you already said you hate Palin because kills animals. Of course, I am sure that the democrat candidates are all vegetarians. The truth is, that Palin likes her babies alive, not aborted. Is that why you really hate her?

  12. […] and veteran S.C. political hand Bob McAlister likes what he’s seeing, but warns that tough days are ahead for the GOP’s new feature […]

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