Posted by: Joshua Gross | September 1, 2008

George Washington gets us kicked off (RNC – SC Delegation Day 1)

South Carolina’s delegation breakfast got off to a rousing start today with the actor who played George Washington in the History Channels “The Revolution”. After giving us some historical perspective on the importance of prayer, General Washington led us in a prayer of his own (taken from his diary.)

After that, we got our marching orders for the day (get your badges, make the bus, don’t forget the milk and cookies party…) and an update on the electoral landscape from Whit Ayres (who agrees with the importance of the Palin pick.)

Mostly just business today while we watch. Everyone is palpably relieved that Gustav seems to have spared New Orleans. At the same time, Don Fowler has clearly put his foot in it with his over the top rhetoric about God sending hurricanes to stop the convention. Favorite unintentional admission of the morning: Howard Wolfson on Fox News “Sometimes we say things we don’t mean.” Yep – that’s one of the differences between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats often say things they don’t mean – thanks for admitting it.

The energy surrounding this campaign is overwhelmingly positive since the announcement of Sarah Palin as the running mate. The base is energized and motivated in a way we weren’t just a week ago. The polling from Rasmussen and Zogby shows McCain/Palin leading (in basically a statistical tie) with Obama/Biden, and that’s after their convention and before ours – unheard of. As long as we can get in three solid days of message (Tuesday through Thursday after the cancellation of political speeches tonight due to Gustav) we should see a modest bounce on top of that, and go into the final two month stretch with a lead…


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